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Unleashing Your Inner Explorer: How Travel Inspires Personal Growth & Transformation

It is said that the height of your success is determined by the depth of your belief. So if you
truly believe, you can do just about anything you want to in this life. But you cannot just wait
for a better job or a bigger house to transform you. You need to find a deeper purpose and
commit to make changes to your life – both big and small – to make you a winner.
So how do you master the art of reinvention?  

Travel is a great way to find purpose in your life. It can be the ultimate reset button for your
mind, reviving desires that you had completely forgotten about and helping you find the
solution to the next steps in your life.

 For J.K. Rowling, a four-hour train ride (without a pen) from Manchester to London gave her
a book idea that would completely change the world – a boy wizard named Harry Potter. In
the 70’s, Jobs left for the mountains of northern India with his friend Dan Kottke in a quest for
spiritual guidance. Despite (or maybe because of) their hardships – contracting lice,
dysentery, and then scabies, and finally losing all their money – Jobs returned with a
renewed sense of self and spirituality, establishing Apple shortly thereafter in 1976.

Let us look at surprising reasons “Deep Travel” helps you get more out of your life:

Let us look at surprising reasons “Deep Travel” helps you get more out of your life:

Good food, reliable transportation, and fast communication – these are small things in
our lives which we take for granted in our daily lives. Travel makes us grateful for all
the stuff we never even noticed that could be taken from us.

Learn to be More Patient

Navigating a new place outside your city is not always the picture-perfect experience
that Instagram would have us believe. It also comes with its fair share of flight delays,
lost luggage or getting off at the wrong train or bus stop. Travel teaches us patience,
to surrender control to the uncontrollable and solve problems that arise.

You Will Test Yourself

One of the most important travel lessons is that you are more capable than you can
imagine. Once you step out, you will need to adapt to an unknown environment
and interact with people you don’t know or understand. It is a great way to measure
how resilient, resourceful, friendly and adaptive a person you can be.

Breaking the Stereotypes

In the movies, everyone in France is a style icon, all American tourists are loud & and
all Italians talk with their hands. Once you actually travel to these places you will
know that the stereotypes that they show are wildly inaccurate. Every culture is
unique in its own way, and have many nuances that need to be experienced first-

Discover New Perspectives

Restaurants may not have the food you are used to having and the destination may
look nothing like you expected. Travel is the best way to stimulate inner growth &  to
challenge yourself. It presents an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and
to change the way you view your own capabilities.

Independence & Self-Reliance

Traveling as a child, you have no clue where you were staying, what you were eating
or even how much it cost, because your parents always took care of it. But going on
your own or even with others will teach you to make your own decisions and choices.

Gain Knowledge

When you travel, you’ll realize just how small your footprint is in our enormous world
and how little you know about it. Traveling often leads to gaining a variety of
knowledge and insights that may surprise you and help to expand your network.

As J. R. R. Tolkien said “Not all who wander are lost”.  So find your new self in a
transformative journey that extends far beyond the physical boundaries of your
destinations. Join us at TLN Connect and let’s explore the world together, not just as
tourists, but as seekers of personal growth and transformation. 

May the force be with you!

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