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The Ultimate Guide to Online Training Programs

“People gained an additional 8.6% in annual income, after participating in up-skilling programs” – Gallup

“94% of business leaders reported that by 2024, they expect employees to pick up new skills” – World Economic Forum

You must have read such statistics in business papers and wondered how you can up-skill while you are on the job. Where do you go to get the best training? How will you be able to balance your work and other commitments?

Online learning or E-learning is the answer. And everyone has joined the bandwagon, as the chart below shows:

We’ve compiled all the latest trends in e-learning that are driving this rapid growth

A lot of people are opting for smaller, bite-sized modules that learners can consume at their own pace. Instead of long lectures, these modules can be as small as a few minutes long. This makes content more engaging and easier for you to remember than traditional learning.

You can interact with your training while watching embedded videos, images and play game-like exercises. This also includes Scenario-based learning so that you can understand better through real life situations.

Mobile Learning
The ability to access all the study material online, including pre-recorded lessons on video without any physical constraints is a major factor for the popularity of e-learning. So every place becomes your classroom, and you set the class timetable.

Use of AI
Artificial intelligence is going to become a virtual tutor and provide answers to your questions. Want to learn specific things about a particular destination? Ask a chatbot and it will answer all your queries from the best hotel to a great place to have that perfect pizza.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
VR / AR is also going to be an important part of tourism training because it gives the feel of actually being in a destination. Because they’re both fun and educational, they’re engaging and effective, making them outstanding learning tools.

Why is E – Learning so Popular?

Cost Effective
Most people have adapted to new ways of learning online as they are highly cost effective. There is no classroom, no live trainers, and no overheads. This means that more people can get themselves educated, more easily and at a lower cost.

The country’s digital population is currently around 692 million active users as of February 2023 as per Statista. Due to this everyone has a wide variety of information accessible to them. E-Learning helps to keep ourselves updated by educating us on the current trends in a quick and simple manner.

Democratization of Learning
Earlier learning was available to only a few people based on their economic and educational backgrounds. Now it doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker or a working professional, young or old, well-educated or not. Anyone can now get access to online learning and improve their knowledge and skills.

Personalized Experience
Online learning provides interactive and customizable programs that are designed for your specific requirements. These courses are self-paced that let you focus on areas that you need to improve on and skip material that you already know. They also provide support for solving difficulties and assessments to track your progress.

As a result, online learning is emerging as the key technology for our country to take a giant leap forward and improve our lives through knowledge. As Malcom X said “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

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