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How to Plan a Local Travel Itinerary: Food, Stay, and Experiences

“Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road, or a secret gate” – J R R

What Insta-worthy photo can you take of a popular destination that has not been
already taken a million times? And why stand in line waiting for hours, to visit a
monument, which feels more like a crowded railway platform? 

That is the reason, travellers are increasingly looking for authentic and immersive
travel experiences, with local travel itineraries that are “never perfect, always
genuine”. The local experience travel trend is when tourists want to travel like locals
and immerse themselves in the culture, traditions, and language of a place. And
what’s more, it’s one of the most sustainable ways to travel as it supports local
businesses and produces less waste.

According to a recent survey by Mastercard, 75% of travellers plan to take at least
one local trip in 2023, up 10% from last year and are willing to spend more on local
experiences. So we are taking a deep dive to see how you can orient your business
to tap into this fast emerging trend.

Homestay accommodation

Homestays are a great way to connect with the local people since you can see their
culture from up close. But make sure that the homestay options that you offer are
authentic and offer a genuine local experience. This means that the homestay should
be owned and operated by a local family.

Local restaurants

Food is obviously one of the key aspects of a place’s culture and there will be plenty
of options for local restaurants in the destinations where you operate. Look for
restaurants that serve authentic cuisine, have a good reputation among the locals
and are reasonably priced. Also consider the dietary needs of your customers when
making these recommendations – food allergies & intolerances, religious restrictions,
dietary preferences or medical conditions.

Self-drive travel

Driving is one of the best ways to get to know a place, and it allows travelers the
freedom to explore at their own pace. When suggesting self-drive, find out if the
destination is suitable for self-driving. Some countries and regions have poor road
conditions, high levels of traffic, or dangerous road conditions. Also find out if your
clients have experience driving in foreign countries and have the necessary permits.

Local Events

Traditions of a place are embedded in the local events. Look for local festivals, fairs,
concerts, plays and dance performances at destinations. You can follow local tourism
boards and event organizers on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest events.
Also give the travelers a list of dos-and-don’ts so they can enjoy the events without
causing any inadvertent harm.

Local Businesses

Local travel should also benefit the local economy to ensure a warm welcome for the
tourists. Provide your customers with a list of recommended local businesses for the
destination where they will be traveling. Also share with them what their specialties
are to show your customers that you are genuinely passionate about supporting local

As Anne Lappe said “By going local, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want”. A
large number of travelers are realizing that local is the best way to understand a place and
do so with the least impact on the environment. So, by suggesting local travel options, you
can help travelers to have a more enjoyable and meaningful trip, while also improving your
business reputation, differentiating among competition & increasing your revenue.

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