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Celebrating World Student Day with TLNconnect: Your Partner in Travel Education

The best brains of the nation can be found on the last benches of the


– Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

The “last-benchers”, that Dr. Kalam talks about is a metaphor for people who
do not conform to conventions. They are the incurable dreamers who think
differently and are constantly trying to find ways to act upon their dreams. They
are ones who may not get the best marks but they understand people and they
can inspire them to do great things.

Let us take some inspiration from our former President of India and eminent
aerospace scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. As a student he got average grades,
but his hard work and desire to learn enabled him to reach for the stars. Due to
his emphasis on promoting education and dedication to students, his birth
anniversary (15th October) is celebrated as World Students Day.

You should not think of education as just what we learn in school or college. It
should be a lifelong endeavour to develop critical skills like decision-making,
mental agility, problem-solving, and logical thinking. You will face problems in
your professional as well as personal lives. In such situations, your ability to
make rational and informed decisions comes from how educated and self-
aware you are.

TLN Connect is the most progressive Learning Management Solution for Tourism, e-
Learning & Training. Our platform blends the best technology, with the best content
created by expert professionals to ensure that you are equipped with the latest
information to be able to get ahead.

We are proud to make education available to all by removing the barriers of time and
space. You can learn at your own pace and as per your own schedule, from
anywhere in the world. This will not affect your work or your other commitments.

A certification from TLN will you help to:

Gain Knowledge

1.Focus on the specific areas of the travel industry that are most relevant to
your career or interests. 
2.Keep updated with new destinations, technologies & emerging trends 
3.Stay compliant with evolving industry regulations and standards
4. Brand yourself as a Destination Specialist

Gain Customers

1. Learn to use new marketing channels to reach your target audience
2. Enhance business reputation & generate repeat business 
3. Increase profitability across all your products
4. An opportunity to work with Tourism Promotion Boards

Improve Management

1.Generate loyalty among front line & agency staff
2. Provide excellent customer service even in changing situations
3. Networking Invitations to FAM & other exclusive trips & events 

You can choose from a wide variety of interactive & fun courses in the area of
Hotels, Destinations, Business Skill Development, Cruises & Attractions

Opportunities with TLN Connect


Our placement assistance will help you gain real world experience in the
hospitality industry. This is a great opportunity to kick start your career
across our global network.

Education Sponsorship

We have tied up with various tourism boards, hospitality & airline groups
as well as other leading consolidators for CSR support. This allows
aspiring students & travel professionals to make use of sponsorships so
that they can learn without cost constraints.


We will help you connect with major OTAs, travel consolidators & other
travel related labels to help improve your business through
collaborations and partnerships. This creates a win-win as large players
can help drive scale while smaller providers give niche services.


Our online communities and forums will help you connect with other
students as well as with instructors and industry professionals. You can
also learn and connect with industry experts through our webinars,
workshops and conferences.

We conclude with another quote from Dr. Kalam – “Once your mind stretches to a
new level, it never goes back to its original dimension.” So, be on the constant
lookout to find ways to stretch your mind, by learning new things and using the
knowledge to gain new ideas. And let us know how we can help to take your
career into the stars.

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