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Travel Trends of 2023: What People in the Industry Should Expect

Halebidu, Mawsynram, Chembara & Netarhat.
Do these sound like exotic foreign languages to you?
These are some of the best offbeat destinations in India that travellers are
discovering in 2023. In addition to destinations, there are major shifts happening in
sustainability, innovation and transportation along with the ever increasing use of
technology. As a tourism operator & entrepreneur, staying ahead of the market is the
key to ensuring that you remain on top of the forever-changing environment.

Reimagining the Changing Travel Landscape

Indian travellers today are more open now than ever before to exploring new ways to
travel. Compared to others, they are much more detailed in planning itineraries and
have a much greater focus on food. More than half (57%) prefer a planned itinerary
and make pre-bookings for trip accommodations, activities and dining. So, providing
a structured travel experience and the guarantee of the right services is the key to
ensure your growth. 

That being said, you should look towards focussing on one or more of the many new
trends that are reshaping travel by Indians in 2023, to stay ahead of the game.

Good Deals With Fixed Prices

Indian travellers prefer group tours with a ZERO bill at check out. They don’t
like to be surprised with hidden costs like laundry, ATM & card usage fees,
baggage handling charges & entrance fees for museums & parks.  Travel
Now & Pay Later schemes are also a preferred choice of customers.

Prioritizing Mental & Spiritual Health’

Millennials prefer to leave the hustle bustle of their daily lives behind when
they travel. This means self-care with yoga, meditation, fine dining, and other
wellness activities like Ayurvedic massages on the itinerary. Also, spiritual
travel is no longer restricted to a particular age group, with different
destinations catering to different demographic groups.

Multi-Generational &  Pet Friendly Travel

Indians are reconnecting in a big way with their extended families who now
live in different cities and even countries.  What better way of spending quality
leisure time with them than a vacation together in a common destination. This
requires coordination and planning to ensure everyone’s travel and stay is

Most pet owners also now prefer to take their pets along while going on short
vacations. Selection of the right destinations, travel and accommodation
options is the key to avoid any inconvenience during the vacation.

Sleep Tourism

There is a renewed focus on getting a good night’s rest which is a rare
commodity in today’s stressful times. This has led to the rise of sleep tourism,
where people travel just so they can laze all day and tuck themselves into bed
at 8pm. This helps people reset their sleep schedules and they can return
refreshed to their hectic lives.


Indian Millennials are giving up the luxury of hotels for the warmth and
personal hospitality of homestays. Homestays often offer a more authentic
cultural experience, are located in small off-beat places and they are often
more affordable than hotels, which can make them a more budget-friendly
option for travellers.

Experiential Travel

Many Indian travellers now prefer to live their fantasies and create lasting
memories as they experience different activities, cultures & local customs.
This has led to an increase in demand for immersive activities like taking a
cooking class with a chef, learning traditional crafts from artisans or
participating in a cultural festival. Those who need an adrenaline rush go for
activities like escape rooms, scavenger hunt, sky diving & scuba diving.

Sustainable & Responsible Travel

According to’s Sustainable Travel Research Report, 97 per cent
of Indian travellers say that they want to travel more sustainably.  So activities
such as volunteering on conservation projects, staying in eco-friendly
accommodation & supporting local sustainable businesses are a priority while
planning itineraries.

Rise Of Remote Work & Digital Nomadism

As more people opt to work remotely and travel at the same time, bleisure is gaining popularity among the working age travellers. This is a result of a variety of factors including changing aspirations, technological advancements and a desire for authentic experiences.

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