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Social Media & Its Influence on Tourism

If you received a review like that, should you be worried about it? Yes, if you are serious about increasing visitors during the upcoming holiday season.

More than 50% of people’s travel plans are influenced by friend’s or family’s photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

Social media has made a huge impact today on the tourism industry. Travellers use it to research trips, make decisions & then share their holiday pictures & reviews. This in turn creates a huge amount of user-generated content that is seen by the community as more credible and authentic. Facebook has around 3 billion active users. What people have to say about your travel business – both good & bad – can be now heard across the world.

So how do you use this power to your advantage? Here are some pointers to help you get the maximum mileage from the rocket ship called social media.

Better promotion of Offers: You can now promote your best holidays, travel & hotel packages to prospective customers through social media. You can do this by sharing diverse posts with seasonally relevant, informational content about different destinations with high quality images. You can also share the content which is posted by your customers which highlights their authentic experiences.

Better understanding of Trends: Travel is a constantly evolving industry and travellers are always looking for new and exciting experiences. Social media listening helps you stay on top of these trends. You can monitor data coming from travellers as well as businesses and design your offerings so that you remain on the cutting edge. For example, transformative retreats for personal betterment, flight right travel, traveling to the location of your favourite web series & artist owned hotels are some things that people are searching for in 2023.

Specific Customer Targeting: Do you know who the target audience for your travel company is? Is it the Business Traveller, the Family Vacationers, the Friends’ Getaway or the International Jetsetter? Different customers will consume different travel-related content on social media. By tailoring your content you can target them where they are present & speaking in the language that they understand.

Better Referrals & Loyalty Programs: Social media helps you create influencer & mobile referral programs to increase lead generation and higher conversion. Loyalty programs can also be creatively implemented through Facebook & Instagram to help engage customers.

Cost effective Marketing: Social Media platforms have extremely fine-tuned advertising options to reach the target market at very low costs. By using retargeting ads, you can reach people who inquire about what your brand sells. Creating the right content for these ads is the best way to get a good return on investment.

Quicker Response times: With the 24/7 connection social media brings, you can respond to customers promptly. Personalize your responses and make the conversation private so that you can provide good customer service while protecting your business reputation.

As Mark Zuckerberg says “It’s a disadvantage if you are not on Social Media now”. So fire up your creative juices and get started on your journey to become the next viral sensation.

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