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10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

So what goes as fast as a Ferrari, grows as tall as the Burj Khalifa, is as rewarding as a Gold mine, as flexible as a Bungee cord and as much fun as a Beach party?

You guessed right – the Travel Tourism & Hospitality industry is the place to be if you want a life changing career that will help you to explore the world, experience new cultures and enjoy a great lifestyle.

Want to know more?
We’ve compiled a handy list for you on your career prospects in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry!

One of the Fastest Growing Industries: The travel market in India is projected to reach $125 bn. by FY27 from an estimated $75 bn. in FY20. In FY20. It accounted for 39 Million jobs, which was 8.0% of the total employment in the country. By 2029, it is expected to account for about 53 Million jobs. *

With such a large growth potential the industry has a bright future and there are unlimited career opportunities for you to reach new heights.

Easy Of Entry & Wide Range Of Work Options:

You have a wide range of E – Learning courses to help you acquire the necessary skills that are required by the travel industry. These courses will open up career options in many medium & large tourism sector businesses.

You can consider opportunities as a:

  Tour Guide or Tourism Manager

  PR & Event Manager

  Airline Executive

  Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts & Holiday Homes Staff

  Transport Officer

  Travel Writer or Interpreter

  Tourism Officer Representing a Destination

 Travel Agent or Holiday Representative

  Ancillary Services Related to Tourism

  Government Tourism Departments

  Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) Executive

  Tourist Information Centre Manager

Showcase Creativity & Innovation
Imagine creating experiences that vary from learning tango in Argentina, exploring Berlin’s museums, planning for road trips in the US or mountain climbing in Australia. On a daily basis your to-do list will need you to bring out the creative juices to work so that you can delight your customers with your ideas. And rest assured, there will never be a dull moment at work.

International Exposure with Top Companies Across The World
You will get a chance to interact with various people across the world in the course of your work and understand how each place is unique from the others. Working with top brands like Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, Cox & Kings, Thomas Cook & MakeMyTrip will expose you to industry best practices, give you great networking abilities, enhance your credibility & give plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

Opportunities For Quick Advancement and Growth
There are a lot of options available to reach a managerial position purely on the basis of your work experience in the sector. Operations, Accounts, HR, Marketing, Customer Service are some of the areas that will give you the relevant skills to fast track your career as well as open up many career paths.

Financially Rewarding
As one of the fastest growing industries globally, tourism has regularly attracted high salary packages from recruiters. An additional sweetener are the employee discounts offered on travel, accommodation and attractions by many companies.

People Focussed
Tourism is a creative industry where you need to understand the needs of your customers and match them to the best qualities of each destination. As a result, travel companies rely heavily on the human element for customer service and personal interaction. Also, it is a highly experiential industry that is dependent on interactions that people have during their travel which can be very dynamic and unpredictable. All these factors make travel less susceptible to automation.

Not a Routine “Corporate” Job with Flexible Timings
Most tourism job profiles are located in a different place (and time zone) from where the customer will be traveling. In addition, businesses today do not want to be saddled with overheads that will add to their costs. So they generally will offer you the flexibility of working from home and in a mutually agreeable time zone based on the task that you have selected.

Open to All Ages, Skill Sets, Career Levels & Educational Backgrounds Tourism as an industry is welcoming to people who have just started their career or are looking at a change of industry mid-way. There are no cumbersome entrance tests to crack or no specific education background on the checklist. You can access a wide variety of E – Courses available online in your interest of choice in the industry like sustainable tourism, travel management, how to become a successful travel agent or hospitality.

Globally Recognised Skill Set & Clear Career Progression
Skills that you pick up in the course of your career like customer service, communication, language & cultural sensitivity, business acumen & commercial concern can be used in any part of the world. There are also specific career paths available in different domains of the industry like retail, wholesale, tour operators, cruise, transportation, events & services sector.

So if all of this has got you excited, the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry is waiting for you.

As Steve Jobs said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. *Source –

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